Beyond the Fads: True Weight loss Secrets Revealed!

Most of us have gone through more weight loss fads than we’d dare to confess. As a child I would always laugh at the ridiculous and obviously inefficient diets people would go on. I mean who would honestly starve themselves or survive on food that’s barely edible? I guess I was smarter back then because last year I tried one of those fad diets.

We all want self-improvement and for many that zeal has led to believing the lies of fad diets. We all know how they lie about how easy it is, that the side effects go away and they sugar-coat the entire thing like a three-year-old putting icing on a Christmas cookie. It’s too sweet to be good for you. I won’t mention the diet I went on but it involved a bland, almost tasteless soup. The side effects were horrendous! I had stomach cramps and barfed up a hurricane( even Beano couldn’t save me). The worst part though was that I regained the weight( sound familiar?) At least I was cured of dieting forever. I’m a gal who loves her food!
Most of us haven’t been so lucky though and have moved from one heinous diet to the next looking for a miracle. In truth the answer is right under our noses and we have all probably heard it; exercise and healthy eating.

I can hear the groan already. Exercise? Sorry for mentioning the dreaded E-word but exercise is easier than one would think. Simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator is enough. The most important thing about exercise though is…have fun! Like birds? Then bird-watching could be your exercise! Were your parents unable to afford ballet when you were young? Then enroll for adult classes…or join the children’s ballet( I write only partially with tongue and cheek)

Part two is healthy eating. I hear more sighs. Never fear! Healthy food can be just as tasty as normal food (although brussel sprouts are hopelessly disgusting. Sorry brussel sprout lovers if there are any). Eating an apple or banana instead of Lays may be difficult at first but after a while it will become a second nature. It’s better and safer( not to mention easier) than a fad diet. Another thing is that you should go brown. I don’t mean changing your race here but just switching from white food products to brown food products. Eat and cook at home once in a while too; your weight, health and wealth will thank you for it. Google offers a plethora of information about how to switch around a few ingredients to make any recipe healthy( including ice-cream)

There are products that legitimately boost weight loss such as the Herbex range of products and green tea. They work alongside exercise and healthy eating( there’s no escaping it). Green tea also does a double job of boosting your immune system as well as your weight loss.
Losing weight is important only when you are over-weight because excess fat is toxic to the body.But it is always good to remember that health and not physical appearance should be basis of weight loss. When you develop the right motive then figuring out how to lose weight becomes a piece of cake.