Sports Help Women Have A supple knee

Maintaining physical fitness through sport practiced mental clarity, emotional control, to prevent diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis…

 Also, exercise, sport also helps you reduce the risk of some cancers such as breast, colon, uterus. Exercise helps the body to help get a healthy skin, rosy: get sleep, prevent many diseases especially cancer and stroke.

The needs and benefits of exercise

 In recent years, the quality of life has been improved; creating favorable conditions for women have time to take care of yourself. In factories, offices, schools, women have always been valued, gender equality, so that they are present in almost all areas, as well as the title no less than men. With such characteristics, requires women also have health, so often set themselves maintain their fitness program through health promotion practice from gymnastics – sport, often spontaneous or movement should have the pros and cons of certain.

 About the benefits of sports exercise, Aristotle remarked: “Nothing makes people tired, weaken and destroy the body by not campaigning prolonged”. So take the time to exercise regularly every day under a regime and elective method consistent with health and age is very necessary job. Exercise helps the body to increase production of the neurotransmitter, scientific name is endorphins, helps the body to have a mental clarity, relieve daily stress, avoid the harmful effects of stress generated in life, help divert your attention from the troubles, awkward in life. Exercise not only physically possible but good emotional control, as well as lucid, more lucid work.

Exercise helps clear mind than at work

Exercise helps women lose 20% of fatal diseases

 A recent scientific study shows that exercise is extremely effective simply staggering in fighting cancer and heart disease for women.

Young girls regular exercise daily will prevent cancer as you get older

The study was conducted by scientists at the University of Vanderbilt Tennessee (USA), which surveyed over 75,000 women. Time survey is 13 years and the results made very suddenly.

Most are young women; just pretty simple exercise each day can cut cancer abilities and their heart a significant level.


In that mortality from cancer was reduced by 16% for women aged 40 to 70 if they take the time to practice sport at a young age. In addition to cancer, the ability to prevent heart disease and stroke was reduced by 15%.


To achieve this requires the exercise of extremely simple: just practice some sports like jogging, biking around 1 hour 20 minutes per week, which is equivalent 10-15 minutes, each right.


Of course, exercise is the only long-term preventive measures against serious diseases above. Women need to practice sport regularly from adolescence to age may prevent cancer or cardiovascular disease in the future.


More specifically, the researchers said that the most appropriate age is 13 to 19. The children began to practice sport regularly from this age are healthier than others as they entered 40.


As for those who exercise regularly until middle age, the ability to avoid death from cancer and heart disease up to 20% ..


Journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention, citing Sarah Nechuta, who led the study: “The results of our study show that young girls need to exercise as to how to avoid the disease at age old. They just need a little hard time of day ”


Tap to properly

Besides the benefit, if not a full understanding of the practice of fitness – sports will face adverse impacts, having injuries such as sprains, joints, ligaments stretch, injuries software, inflammatory syndrome, tennis elbow, the syndrome of dehydration in sport, cramps…

To remedy this situation, we should note that before practice: health screening, assessment overall, detect potential diseases can cause life-threatening such as a potential heart attack, disorders heart rate, asthma, spleen … and should choose sports suit current health. For example, tennis is the practice requires physical strength, intensity continuous movement very exhausting, just fit young people, not suitable for people in middle age, the fat, paunchy. These people when excessive exercise would be counterproductive, causing injury or even worse can lead to death.

Always warm up before performing an exercise whether it’s just a light exercises; need massaging muscles after the workout ended. When muscle strain, take a break for a few minutes to massage, drink more water to compensate for the water lost. Choosing clothes and exercise equipment suitable for each subject, with special attention to shoes, so wear shoes that fit is not easy to lead to vacuum bottles, swelling prevention of injuries. Careful attention to the amount of exercise, after exercise to relax the body to gradually recover to normal, special dietary needs matching exercise and sports training.