How to be active in the older age

Generally known is the fact that the health condition gradually gets worse with age. It’s natural and it is waiting for each of us. In old age, the normal state understands good physical and mental condition and the related ability to lead full, independent and quality life. But we must admit that age is just a period, when the diseases and health problems occur far more frequently than at younger ages.

Healthy aging is influenced by many factors, internal and external

Internal factors meant a genetic predisposition to various diseases and disorders. These genetic factors may be influenced by external factors, such as. A way of life, living conditions, diet, physical activity and physical exercise.

Lack of exercise has a negative impact on health, which ultimately affects all areas of an individual’s life and why it is so important to return to the active movement of a healthy lifestyle. Lack of physical exercise is one of the reasons why people age prematurely. Appropriate physical activity can slow the physiological changes associated with aging.

Active movement positively affects the whole personality of psychological, physical and social terms. Aging affects the entire body, including the musculoskeletal system. With some degree of limitation in physical performance is to be expected for all elderly people. Changes take place gradually and the rate is different for each individual. First, there is a limitation of movement, followed by a decrease in speed and agility, and ultimately strength and endurance. For those aged 55-64 years it is a one-third and of 75-year-olds it is almost half.

The frequency and types of physical activities

In general we can say that to maintain a good physical condition is particularly important regularity of physical activities, appropriately selected intensity and duration of the load. As the optimal frequency of physical activity is recommended by most experts, including physicians. The intensity of the load should increase over activity from the smallest to the mild to moderate. The maximum load is recommended in the elderly.

Among the best physical activities for seniors include: walking, walking and hiking, Nordic walking, cycling or exercise bike, cross-country skiing, swimming and water exercise, dance, exercise focused on coordination, reaction, the force capability, balancing and relaxing exercises, medical and rehabilitative exercises, relaxation and breathing exercises, yoga exercises selected, housework, yard work.

One of the great possibilities of physical activity for people of older age

Is swimming, or water exercise. Swimming speed increases human metabolism by 20 to 100%. That means faster burning energy than the dry. Appropriate form of action in the pool games are the competitive nature in which there is an increase in energy expenditure by up to 35% compared with the activities on land.
Another advantage of swimming is that it is lifelong physical activity. When swimming, the man himself determines its pace and the intensity of the load. It’s a great way to improve physical fitness, relaxation and improved health. By movement of the pool is full, it occurs when the loading of almost all major muscle groups. Just stay alone in the water has a beneficial effect on the activity of the heart and the entire circulatory and breathing. When immersed in water to the neck increases the volume of blood pumped by the heart per 1 minute of 60%.

Physical activity should be part of the normal day of every human being… exception for older ones. All activities should be chosen with individual approach to everyone. The movement is extremely important in all ages. Above all, we need to build on the current state of health, to physical activity rather hurt. The state of his health every man himself is responsible.