Four Must See Recommendations for Health and Fitness

Most people do not consider what they put on their table as part of their day to day menu. In developed countries, career people have got busy schedule. In this context they prefer fast sweet food to fit their time table. This will consequently lead to over feeding in those who take fast food in their offices or poor feeding in some people. Nutritionists have come up with several tips to promote and enhance healthy eating.

They include;

1. Observe regulations on the amount of alcohol you take per day. Alcohol reduces appetite and the ability of the body to absorb nutrients. In a healthy situation, men should take a maximum of five beers in a night; while women should take an average of three beers.  Chronic alcoholisms have poor resistance to diseases and ailments.

2. Develop a habit of taking traditional foods. They are full of calories and less fat. This involves African arrow roots and sweet potatoes for breakfast instead of bread for breakfast.

3. Improve in the habit of taking regular meals in a consistent way. This involves taking breakfast, lunch and supper. Missing meal means poor nutritional sustainability.

4. Always think and plan on what to eat, at what time and where. Some hotels offer specific meals for specific conditions. This involves healthy diet meals in specific hotels. Define a good hotel with the menu you want in all meals. Health foods and drinks that will increase your weight Taking heavy meals rich in fats and carbohydrates is a habit employed in many individual so as to add weight or get fat. Dieters confuse on the choice of food to eat so as to add weight.

Certain food and drinks have been proved to be healthy when you need to increase your weight;

1. Traditional fruit juices these juices depending on the source have high caloric value. Passion fruit juices, water melon juice, mango juices, apple juices among other contribute in the list. It’s recommended that you take the fruit itself but in many cases they may be unpalatable or difficult to store. Two cups of these juices per day may

2. White meat Chicken, pork, fish meat are the well known examples of white meat. In comparison to red meat, they have low risk of exposure to cholesterol related diseases like hypertension. They have a higher caloric value enough to promote increase in weight in interested individuals.

3 yogurts frozen yogurt has low at low fat content. Manufacturers add sugar during its preparation, which in turn increase its caloric value. Physical exercise it is true that physical fitness promote good health. Involving in day to day indoor and outdoor games is crucial in keeping the body fit. Involving in tedious games like rugby or football may prove difficult. In door games like table tennis may be appropriate after work to avoid gross fatigue. Being physically fit improves mental and body health. Controlled metabolisms taking your breakfast every morning triggers the metabolic processes to start working for that day. Also taking small meals regularly is a way of checking your metabolism. There we go, you see it let me know