How Parents Health Reflects in Children Health

Helping parents for making choices which are healthier for their families is the part of making this community more strengthening.For children healthy habits parents play an important role. What is served at home, kids learn that and aware of the healthy eating in their families.

Healthy decisions about good nutrition and physical activities must be made by the parents and the community. In today’s era, everyone is too busy, support is needed for the parents and the caregivers.

Parents are the primary keepers of the health of their children. The choices about health care amount and quality for their children must be made by the parents. The amount of food they receive or eat, the amount of involvement in physical activities, provision of the emotional support, and before and after birth environmental quality. Parents’ knowledge about health practices,health behaviour, and the existing living community characteristics conditioned these choices.

The resources and behaviour of parents is very much important in-health of the children. Children who grow up in lower-income families suffer from health problems due to worse health outcomes. The change in health status between low as well as high family children is from childhood, so that children in low income families enter in adult age with worse health conditions.

It is acknowledged that the children’s health is affected by the behavior of parents, especially mothers. Especially behavioral effects during pregnancy—for example, use of drugs like cocaine and use of alcohol— adversely effect on children’s health. After the birth, decisions for taking care of the child like taking a child to the doctor, to properly look after the, to use safety measures for the children, and for both short- and long-term health implications they have to  provide them food full of health and adequate exercise.

Parental behavior during pregnancy and after birth,both are examined properly.

Parental Behavior Impacts during Pregnancy Period:

A variety of factors influence the health of an infant child, it includes mother’s health and diet status and during pregnancy what kind of medical care they received. In preterm birth, the cause is simply unknown. However, several risk factors be managed. These factors are like: use of nicotine or tobacco, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs during pregnancy. These factors adversely affect children’s health at birth.


It is absolute that the infant’s health is adversely affected by smoking (use of tobacco) during pregnancy. The by birth problems like lower IQ and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the source of smoking during pregnancy.

Alcohol consumption:

Problems like low birth weight, neuro developmental etc. are mainly due to the alcohol consumption during pregnancy.  Due to which children showing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) problems as they grow up as well as a wide variety of problems like behavioral and cognitive etc.

Parental Behavior Impacts during Childhood Period:

Status of children’s health is significantly related with parent’s education. Parents who are more and better educatedare significantly more likely to taking care of their children good health.