Effective measures against the drug addiction

What is brought to mind when the word “drugs” is heard? Prescriptions that are vital to all medical conditions you, or anyone else may have? Harmful substances used to attain a high for personal enjoyment and feeling of pleasure? Such a word is not only universal, but so commonly used across various uses and meanings, that it can hold numerous definitions.

The two main differences between all meanings conveyed, is that they’re substances considered either good for your wellbeing, or highly dangerous and one that can ultimately take one’s life. Understanding the roles played by each category of drugs, is vital in safe use and practice of each substance, and unfortunately in some cases, the difference between life and death.

In relevance to the subject, I suffer from neuropathy, and have been prescribed many medications to help aidall pain and unfortunate symptoms.

Being one who experiences every waking moment with such a horrific condition, I can honestly speak from a strong standpoint, in relation to the fact that yes, drugs are much needed in almost any medical circumstance. However, also witnessing the petrifying side of such influential and powerful drugs, with the ability to take over one’s life, I feel I’m easily capable of conveying the true difference of usage.

I have used pain medications, and other relevant substances, to help me have the opportunity to live a lifestyle as close to “normal” as possible. On the other hand, I have also watched my best friend encounter situations of recreational usage of similar matter, whichultimately took over her life. The same category of medication that has helped provide me with a normal life, has also been the same one that has taken all normal functionality and factors of health from my best friend. She began using with what was considered nothing serious to peers, having fun while popping pain pills to feel good.

Not even a year later, after moving up in the intensity brought on by each level of medication, she found herself exposed to heroine and became addicted. Her body got so dependent on having these elements as a constant foundation for daily usage, that she was unable to go without it for more than a few hours.

I did everything I could. I sat with her all night creatingplans for rehab and help, researched ways of cutting her off without any physical harm being brought on that could cause permanent damage or death, and even tried cutting her off from all sources myself. I remember when she went a day, maybe two, without using, and told me that she had literally began to urinate black because her body was shutting down and couldn’t go without it.

This is a real life example of the difference between drug usages. Not just pain pills, but any medication. I’ve seen this pathway go down many different roads, with many different causes, and the importance behind responsibility with any form of drug, cannot easily be expressed enough. Use drugs for your health, and prevent any usage that can be harmful. One can easily save a life from the potential occurrence ofsuch an ultimate sacrifice.