4 key to Health and Fitness

In this life it is very important that we regard highly our health. Anything that threatens our wellbeing must be avoided as much as possible. Having said that, it is our responsibility to take care of our health and our bodies’ fitness. Many human beings especially the teenagers and those in the middle ages take their health for granted by what they eat, drink and consume mentally.

It is therefore, advisable that we prevent rather than cure! And how can we prevent ourselves from unhealthy and destructive things? There are four main faculties that we should place our great care and daily emphasis. They include our physical fitness, our mental fitness, our nutritional adherence and social live.

Our emotions greatly determine the welling being of our health. As individuals what emotions and thoughts do we entertain in our daily life? Negative thoughts and emotions are deadly killers. Therefore, for effective health and fitness, our minds must be sober and always dwelling on one’s positive side of life. It must be known that without health mental and emotional states, any human being regardless of their social status are vulnerable to a deteriorated health.

It is possible that some people have a challenge in dealing with their appetite. If we can be able to manage our appetite, then we are able to overcome any trial that comes on our way. It is against this background that we should be masters of our appetites. Eat a balanced meal. In your meal ensure there is protein, carbohydrates and vitamins. If possible eat enough fruits and whole meal. Avoid sifted flour but embrace whole flour. Major on cereals and vegetables. This is because they make our bodies strong and able to resist any threat to our health. Drink enough water (at least six to eight glasses in a day). Reduce meals with lots of fat for they are likely to lead to cholesterol in the body veins which may make it hard for blood to pass to other parts of the body. With cholesterol, high chances of heart attack are inevitable.

With good mental and emotional health, a person is able to move places and even handle great tasks. The food that an individual eats burns down the body calories. Therefore, people must do some exercises to keep themselves fit. Walk for at least thirty minutes in a day. Do some other physical exercises. Choose to walk on the stairs rather than using elevators in the buildings. Jog in the morning. Sleep at a comfortable and well ventilated room. Get reasonable amount of sunshine for your skin.

Our health also depends on how we relate with those around us, in the office, religious gathering, home or neighborhood. It is therefore, important for us to relate well with others. Have positive thoughts about others and also believe that they also think well of us.
Embrace these faculties and you will never regret.