7 Most Effective Weight loss Tips

The modern lifestyles have seen human beings filled with a lot of body problems that are sometimes threats to our existence. Our continued consumption of refined foods, lack of exercise and our love for tasty and sweet foods are partly to blame for the increased cases of people becoming overweight.

As a result, people have continually sought ways of losing weight. However, out of desperation, people have been advised and misled to try different sort of crazy things. Most of these ways have no proven record of enhancing weight loss. The result has always been the loss of resources, wastage of time or worse still, even more, weight gain. That is why this article seeks to bring to you the most effective and evidence-based weight loss tips that are simple and easy to follow.

Weight Loss Tips

Drink more water before meals – Not every time you drink water you are enhancing weight loss. One of the sure ways to lose some pounds is to ensure your body has a constant and functional metabolism. Therefore, drinking water before meals boosts your body metabolism for a period of at least two hours. This helps in burning off a few calories.

Avoid refined carbohydrates – Yes, we all want to take food that takes us less time to ingest as we also got other businesses to cater for. This means we go for foods that are non-fibrous or food whose fiber has been stripped. But hardly do we know that we are stimulating weight gain by increasing the number of sugars in the body! Increased blood sugar leads to more appetite, hunger and food cravings. This means one has to eat more food in relatively a short period of time. We all know the end result of this – obesity. So, avoid refined carbs like plague and if you are going to eat them, let them have their natural fiber.

Try green tea – Here, you are not actually trying but the truth is that it works! Green tea contains catechins, which are antioxidants and some small caffeine amounts. These substances help in burning excess body fats. Reduced body fat means fewer calories.

Adapt to smaller plates – This may sound funny but it actually works for better. Sometimes, the amount of food we need to satisfy our bellies is more of a psychological set up than the actual body requirement. Everybody wants a plate-full diet but the standard size of the plate does not even exist. The larger the plate, the more the food and calories intake. You need to reduce calorie intake if you are in dire need of weighing less. This can be achieved by using small plates.

Walk – either for a reason or not. Walking for at least 45 minutes in a day will do wonders in burning your calorie. Create a self-motivation mechanism that will ensure you don’t miss walking any day. Walking not only prevents weight gain but also promotes fat and weight loss. Consistent walking can help you lose up to 300 calories a day. Get out and walk!

Consume water-rich foods – Eating food with enough water content reduces the overall calorie consumption. More water will lead to an earlier sense of fullness and reduce the number of calories you were going to take if you continued eating.

Do numerous workouts – engage in high-intensity training with intervals. Another thing you want to try out is strength training that involves weight lifting. A good secret to losing an extra pound and weigh less is actually through building your muscles. You can achieve this by numerous and consistent workouts.


The simple basis of attaining weight loss is by eating fewer calories and burning more. In most times, losing weight is more of a mental challenge than a physical one. It requires determination and every time you feel like giving up the course, ask yourself why you started it after all.

Image Credit: Hamza Butt