4 ways to lose weight while doing what you enjoy

Believe it or not, you are able to lose weight while watching TV, this sounds so crazy but this is so true. There’s even a way to lose weight by standing up straight. These sounds so odd but many people have experienced this and said this is true. When you sit down your metabolism will drop which means that your food will digest faster and there will be less fat on your body. Most people would love to have a fast metabolism but sadly most people aren’t as lucky. People who watch too much TV happen to have a problem losing weight.

1.Exercise Session When You Watch TV
Whenever you see a character you should choose an exercise to do when the character talks or you can just do the exercises when your TV show goes on the commercial. Make sure to face the TV while you do these exercises. This is very important for you because you don’t want to stretch a muscle or a joint. If you are twisting and missing the action on the screen then this could get annoying.

2. On the other hand, I know most people are a big sports fan! Which means they love to watch sports non-stop no matter what it is? Say that there is a baseball game and you and your friend are debating on who will make it to the playoffs for that year. Well, what you can do is go on a treadmill and keep watching the game. It will be intense and you can spend time for speed per minute. When the commercials appear on the screen you can do a max speed till the game comes on. And you can keep this going to the rest of the game. It will be fun and you will be able to lose weight as well. So cheer on your favourite team and see who will win.

3. I know most of you all love movies am I right? Well, you can simply do a cardio work for fun while you watch your movie instead of sitting on the couch with that popcorn in your hand. If you want you can simply do an intense workout by setting up your pedal exercise and you can pedal throughout the movie. You can do this for any type of movie or show that appears on the TV. If you happen to only watch 2 hours of TV per week you could lose about over 1500 calories per week and that can add up to losing many pounds. Which means that is great for you in the long run

4.Take a walk around

You are able to lose weight fast and neat as they would say. Some people are super hard working when it comes to losing weight and they could burn more than 300 calories a day. You should not be sleeping and eating and do that all day long. It could be very bad for your health as well. You should be using your energy to lose weight or take a jog around the park. Although most people don’t really think about it but taking a walk around the neighbourhood could release stress and anxiety plus you are able to lose weight at the same. If you have a bike that is the way too loose weight as well.

Go and take your bike on the trail and say hi to a couple of family and friends as well. Make losing weight something that you will enjoy it’s hard to stay focused on something that doesn’t catch your attention that much.